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Clarte diamonds —
Founded in August 2017 in Hamburg, the north German metropolis of creative people, we sell exclusively sustainably produced diamonds. According to the latest technologies we design your unique pieces of jewelry and also realize individual design requests based on the standard of German craftsmanship in top quality.
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Our diamonds, which are grown using a technically patented process, prove to be an attractive offer for millennials. The aim is to present you, as a jewelry lover, exclusive diamonds, manufactured under ethical and ecological sustainability, in top quality and attractive price ranges.
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€2,010  ฿0.064 —
Asscher | 1.13 ct |
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€721  ฿0.023 —
Round | 0.54 ct |
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€328  ฿0.01 —
Round | 0.54 ct |
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Comprehensive Concierge Service —
Clarte Diamonds has experts from our concierge service to help guide you throughout the entire diamond selection process, both for customizable and for diamonds from our collections. When deciding about which diamond is right for you, it’s important to understand the different types of diamonds, the sizing and other details. We are there to support you throughout the entire rocess, including on-site visitation.
Concierge Service
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our technology —
Our more ethically concious, lab-grown diamonds are proving to be a tempting proposition for millenials. Lab-Grown Diamonds are attracting an ethically more conscious consumer which is aware of his influence on the environment.
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Customizable Diamonds for Every Occasion —
We know well that the perfect occasion requires the perfect diamond. Therefore, we create diamonds with the minutest of detail to make each emotion the shape you need. Our diamonds start from 0.01 ct and go up to 10 ct, offering a wide range of larger carats and better quality. When combined, this provides a completely unique and valued factor in our proposition to our clients.
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Flexible Payment Options: Global Currencies & Bitcoin —
We value highly that the purchasing process for our clients runs smoothly. This means that we accept all currencies from around the globe, including bitcoin. We are also able to create payment plans that work for your individual needs, so you can put your total focus on finding the perfect diamond to convey your story.
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Interview —
In 2019 we were honored with the invitation to an interview with the magazine Startup Valley. Our founder, Anna Meleshkina, discussed current hallenges for the Lab-Grown Diamond in Hamburg and Germany. Check out the link to see the whole interview.
CarbonTech —
In April 2020 we participated in the CarbonTech 2020. The focus of this event was on diamond synthesis technology, processing, advance application and the market for Lab-Grown Diamonds. We contributed our forecasts about the development of the Lab-Grown Diamond market in Germany. As well as the future of the Lab-Grown Diamond in Hamburg and Europe with focus on marketing and placing.
More-Of-Us —
In May 2020 we started a new project with the company More-Of-Us, in Hamburg Germany. More-Of-Us is a design agency that combines new designs with experiences, brands &stories. We shared our mission to bring Lab-Grown Diamonds to Germany with them and we started off with the first sketches. Stay tuned to find out more.
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49 40 605-959-88 —

Sales and Consulting Point for Diamonds and Jewelry in Hamburg:
Stresemannstraße 374 22761 Hamburg Germany
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Our Advantages

  • 3-Year warranty on the “Made in Germany” collection
  • After-sale service including resizing and free of charge refinish
  • Before-sale meetings and Skype-conferences
  • Ethically conscious diamonds



  • +49 4060595988
  • info@clartediamonds.com
  • Stresemannstraße 374
    22761 Hamburg
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